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Three receive Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Award

Posted by Ashley Simatic on Sun, May 13, 2012 @ 16:05 PM

Waynesburg University MonogramThree faculty members received the 2012 Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Awards during Waynesburg University’s commencement exercises Sunday, May 13.  

Presented annually, one award recognizes a faculty member with a history of teaching excellence. A second award recognizes a faculty member with a relatively recent history of teaching excellence. The third award is given to a non-full-time faculty member at any Waynesburg University site. 

Anthony Bocchini, professor of business administration, received the 2012 Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Award for a faculty member with a history of teaching excellence. Bocchini joined Waynesburg University in 1977.   Szuminsky(L)Sakchutchawan(c)Bocchini(R)

A nomination stated, “Professor Bocchini teaches with a passion and love for his students. He takes teaching seriously, setting an example for students to take their studies seriously. He sets an example not only by his words, but also his actions.” 

A student nomination stated that Bocchini also teaches his students the importance of giving back and serving those around them. 

Bocchini holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts from Waynesburg University, a Master of Science from Duquesne University, a C.M.A. from the Institute of Management Accounting and a C.P.A. from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Sut Sakchutchawan, associate professor of international business and business administration and director of International Studies at Waynesburg University, received the 2011 Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Award for a faculty member with a relatively recent history of teaching excellence. Sakchutchawan has been employed by the University since 2007.  

A student nomination stated, “His wealth of real world knowledge helps him to connect and prepares his students for their future careers.”   

Another student wrote, “He cares very much about his students’ understanding of the topics presented and he is always available and willing to help his students.”  

A colleague stated, “He gets to know each individual student and recognizes both their strengths and weaknesses in order to better guide them through their college experience and prepare them for work once graduation is complete.” 

In addition to a post doctorate in management from the University of Toledo, Sakchutchawan holds a Ph.D. from Union Institute and University. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ramkhamhaeng State University, a Master of Arts degree from Thammasat State University and a master of business administration from National University.  

Brandon Szuminsky received the 2011 Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Award for a non-full-time faculty member. Szuminsky is a lecturer in the Department of Communication and the Department of English & Foreign Language at Waynesburg University. He has taught with the University since 2008.   

A student nomination stated, “Professor Szuminsky lives by the mission of Waynesburg University and helps to expand the spiritual growth of those he encounters. He has changed my life, and I am sure he will continue to affect students long after I have graduated.” 

Another nomination stated, “Professor Szuminsky portrays dignity, confidence and style both in and out of the classroom, instilling determination and inspiration in his students and coworkers.”

He received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration from Waynesburg University. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Communications Media and Instructional Technology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

The Lucas-Hathaway Charitable Trust has established an endowed fund that provides two annual teaching excellence awards for full-time faculty members and one award for a part-time faculty member. Faculty members were nominated by students, faculty or alumni. The recipients of the Lucas-Hathaway Award for Teaching Excellence received a commemorative plaque and a $1,200 award. The Trust is funded by J. Richard Lucas and C. Joan Hathaway Lucas, members of the class of 1950.