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Waynesburg University partners with Carnegie Bosch Institute Global Leadership Forum

Posted by Ashley Wise on Mon, Jun 17, 2013 @ 13:06 PM

6 17CBIThe Carnegie Bosch Institute at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business recently selected Waynesburg University as a Global Leadership Project Partner for its Global Leadership Forum, an intensive four-week program that runs from May 28 to June 20.

As the demanding flagship program in Carnegie Bosch Institute’s leadership seminar lineup, the Global Leadership Forum delivers innovative executive development and value to client companies and participants worldwide.

“The Carnegie Bosch Institute Global Leadership Forum is internationally respected, and we are proud to be a project partner,” said Robin L. King, senior vice president of enrollment and university relations. “We know that through this process, Waynesburg University will expand its global scope.”

The focus of the project is based on the University’s commitment to prepare students for their lives after graduation by better enabling them to deal with global challenges while at the same time making them more valuable for future employers. 

Attended by a diverse set of companies across many industries and with representatives from varied cultural backgrounds and countries, the program enables participants to gain different perspectives of topics with broad economic and international scope.

The highly interactive program incorporates lectures, case studies, experiential small group workshops, individual and team coaching, learning stewardship and innovative project work with real-life business partners.

“We truly welcome Waynesburg University as a strategic project partner,” said Sylvia B. Vogt, adjunct professor of management and president of the Carnegie Bosch Institute. “Carnegie Bosch Institute is uniquely positioned at the intersection of industry and academia. The purpose of our project partnerships is to provide companies and regional organizations a new executive viewpoint on a strategic issue of international or global relevance.” 

The mission of Carnegie Bosch Institute is to improve international management and its impact on leadership by enhancing the understanding of both of managers and researchers of fundamental issues related to global business.

Carnegie Bosch Institute was established in 1990 through a major endowment provided by the Bosch Group.

Above, Carnegie Bosch Institute Global Leadership program participants are pictured with Waynesburg University students during a recent visit to campus.

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