Web Development and Quality Assurance in a Business Setting


Waynesburg University and Rivers Agile, a quality assurance and software development firm, have formed a partnership to offer a program vital to the greater Pittsburgh region job market. By providing a career-focused learning experience, students will gain knowledge to enter the field of software engineering and quality assurance. 

When and where do classes meet?
The program meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Waynesburg University's Southpointe location in Canonsburg, PA.

How long will it take?
The program will be completed through four 8-week sessions.

Where can I find additional information?
Full program information can be obtained through the fact sheet available through the adjoined form. Additional questions should be directed to 724-743-4420 or [email protected].

What are the admission requirements?
Anyone who desires to learn new skills in technology is encouraged to apply. Seating is limited and you will be evaluated/admitted based on your capacity to succeed in our classroom setting. Students will be required to attend all classes in-person and have the time management skills to be dedicated to an intense learning environment.

Is financing available?
Students interested in financing options should direct all inquiries to [email protected]

Why Waynesburg University and Rivers Agile?
With the high demand for skilled web developers and quality assurance analysts in the Pittsburgh region and a shortage of experienced technology professionals, this program prepares students for the growing job market.Unique to the Pittsburgh region, this partnership enables students to benefit from a traditional higher education institution as well as a cutting-edge technology company. Participants will learn directly from senior-level experts on real-world projects while building their résumés and engaging in the classroom.

Please view our FAQ for additional information on the Professional Software Development Program.

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